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Social Media Management

We cultivate community & grow your brand through engaging content. We give your brand a voice through responsive customer service.

Marketing Strategy

Consulting is more than suggestions. We work with you to to create thriving brand equity.  

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Media Planning

 We craft campaigns with ROI as our guide. Understanding who your customers are & how best to reach them is our core business.  Digital & traditional mix to grow sales.

Beyond Terpines

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Smoke & mirrors reflections on Marijuana marketing

Health community & lifestyle

bud prices are falling cannabis brand equity is rising

Cannabis brands need to put the customer first. Your communications from social media to email should  provide responsive customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Appellations & Cannabis Marketing

Employee Advocacy programs

To garner investment, increase social media reach, & increase employee commitment, cannabis brands are well served by employee advocacy.,

Cannabis Tourism

Partners in growth

The distributor and brand relationship will continue to evolve. It is important to coordinate marketing communications efforts. 

Look to the future

Creating Brand Equity Means Buying Market Share


The next ten years will be a struggle of resource allocation in the cannabis industry. Investment in expensive means of production and infrastructure will be continually weighed against market share & branding. In the end a commodity always faces downward pressure on cost but brands act as a vehicle for growth. Return on investment over the long run will be directly tied to sustainable brand equity. Capturing the hearts of consumers through lifestyle integration and esteem will propel sales. We have an awesome responsibility to show cannabis' place in people's lives. The cannabis community is growing & its our responsibility to welcome them home.





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