Music to Marijuana

We understand the place cannabis holds in the lifestyles of consumers.

cannabis the disrupter

What makes a brand? Is it shelf space? Is it a logo and some hype? Cannabis is the ultimate disrupter challenging established companies and brands from the beverage industry to big pharma. We believe that crafting content and events to reach new consumers is the foundation of growth in a space as wide as health & recreation.

Cannabis as lifestyle #Pride

HIV/AIDS activists wrote the first medical cannabis legislation.  Today's mainstream celebrations of diversity and the plant showcase the progress and integration of multiple movements.

Crafting Comms

Don't just weather the storm. Create growth with crisis management and own the narrative. Investment in emerging industries is full of risk and reward. Communications strategies can reduce risk and attract investors.

health and Wellness brands

Cannabis will disrupt the billion dollar health and wellness space. The lazy stoner is yesterdays myth. 


Beyond Terpenes

What defines the sensory experince of cannabis products? Taste and smell are huge motivators in purchasing behavior. Explore cutting edge trends in cannabis product design.

Influencer & Thought Leader

With 15,000 connections in the global cannabis industry C. Dean Link examines the connection between distributor and cannabis brands.




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