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    From Music to Marijuana

    No other industry better prepares one for exploring community & emotion in communications than music. Festivals are about exploring joyous lifestyle & community. The connection the artist makes to the audience is our base of operations. Cannabis is part of the lifestyle and celebrations of consumers. It is our passion to draw upon our past & define a new American industry. We are the cannabis community.

    Branding Beyond the Logo

    If you build it they may not come. In a growing market the clutter of indistinct logos & impersonal pics on Instagram requires investment in identity. Your words & images create brand equity & recognition at the point of sale. While commodity prices fall brands are rising.


    Have you ever heard a song as it was being written? When you witness a trick of editing that makes a video pop you see the magic of creation. We work with Emmy award winning animators, celebrated musicans, prized designers, & Fortune 100 professionals to communicate your brand.

    Our Clients

    Our clients span health and wellness to the arts. Cannabis is a rapidly evolving industry with serious concerns over intellectual property. We respect our non-disclosure agreements. We are proud of our work and share the following clients and partners.

    codify the vibe create community

    Rebecca Loebe

    The most personal of brands the artist. Having toured internationally for ten years Rebecca has entered a new phase in her career. Concentrating more on community building & political engagement; her growth  is appearant in her sound and communications strategy. 

    Kerrville Folk Festival

    25,000 Guests 18 Days 100s of artists for 47 years! An institution with generations of attendees & national recognition it is an honor to represent KFF. Experience what USA TODAY called one of the nations "Top Festivals" 

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